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Taking breaks

1 Nov

Just when I start to feel a little guilty about taking a break (just a little), my daughter comes in and starts asking me questions. “What are you doing”, “What are you eating”, “Can I have some”?
I am eating an apple with peanut butter. A just picked apple too. Ok, I say. “I want it Walking Salad Style, please”. Ok, i say. I proceed to core the apple and fill it with peanut butter. This is a traditional family snack started by my mother.
“hey, there’s a dead bug. what should we do with it?” oh, put it in the compost i suppose, I say.
“First we thank it for its life. Then it goes back to the earth, then it might come back as something. Or part of a lot of things!” Thats right, i say, keeping it simple. This is a thread that we’ve been coming around too fairly frequently for about the last 6 months.
“Boy, there are a lot of Women in the world. And Mans. And Babies!” Yes, there are, I say. “And all the animals! And all the plants!”
She giggles. I smile. We both laugh.
“More peanut butter please!”. She has licked it all out of the apple.

What did i come in here for? Oh, yes, a break! Ha ha! What good timing! So often the most valuable moments are when you are not looking for them, thats for sure.

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