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Sometimes they come to you, Sometimes you go to them

13 Jun

Ain’t that the way the world goes round!  Hey, isn’t that a John Prine song?  Just when I was at the height of my winter loneliness of being a spice Mistress who hadn’t been anywhere in awhile and facing a full spring of focussed attention needed here on the farm, our good friend Katie came back from Peru with some of the most delicious and enchanting SALT I’ve ever had.  This stuff feels like magic.  When it touches your tongue, you are transported back into time where the simplest foods were salted with these grains.   She also brought us this interesting sweet stuff that comes in a ball and wrapped in a reed.  I think it is some kind of raw sugar cane gum…I must find out more about this…….i have failed to do any research on that before posting here…….there was also amazing cinnamon and chocolate in the care package.  Go Peru!!sweetnessCinnamon

A few days later, another friend, Stormy,  showed up with a beautiful Ristra from the Southwest.  Now, I am no stranger to the Ristra!  Having made them by the thousand’s for most of the ’90’s in British Columbia, Canada of all places!  But it warmed my sentimental heart to be thought of and gifted one, as I am not surrounded by them anymore, like I once was, and I love THEM.   Sign to resurrect the Ristra at the Pepper Forrest?  Hmmmmm!Ristra!!

Now, the Going To part, which is actually mixed with Coming To as well, if you think about it.  I have come to the knowing that I cannot grow the Habanero in any kind of quantity here on the Mtn. Or grow all that we need to keep the inventory up, up, up either.    While pondering this and hovering over my little starts here in our snow covered greenhouse early in the spring, our greenhouse..two Angels from down river, in the ‘banana belt’ called Orleans, gave me a call and offered to help!  Hallelujah!   Not only are they into growing for our needs, but they are ‘chile heads’ too, and so often have lots of extra chiles and whatnot growing around waiting for someone to get creative with.  Very exciting!  These  women farmers are  Sarah Post with daughter Olivia and new baby, and Erin Cadwell.  Thank you very much!!  I have a feeling we have a future together in spice love!  Here’s some Pics of them and the new home of the Habaneros and some of the Anaheims.       Sarah, busy woman, Farmer and Mom

Erinjoining in with the gang...mustard in OrleansErinfuture Chile Heads Unitegarlic  The Habanero is a key ingredient in our Caribbean Blend, an original favorite.  The Anaheims we dry and smoke, when ripe, for the Spicy Garlic Blend  and the Smoky Mountain Sprinkle, two of our best sellers.  They got in touch recently to let us know they are in the ground now.  Hurray!  Here’s to a great season for all!

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